OWNER | MASTER COLORIST+ Cutter | stylist

As a graduate of the prestigious Horst Institute (Now Aveda) Stacy has been transforming hair since 2001. Having had the opportunity to do advanced training under a Vidal Sassoon creative director and go on to assist in Beverly Hills with celebrity stylists, she was well primed when she started her career in Beverly Hills. With an A-List clientele in salons and red carpet and fashion runway work, she was well rearing to start her own business back on her own coast. 

Turning a small East Village studio into a booming business a few years later, Stacy has made her mark in NYC, being featured in the New York Times, Glamour Magazine, and countless NYC bridal blogs. Stacy, continuing to build a strong and in her words “THE MOST LOYAL” clientele, has also been named “Critics Pick” by the coveted New York Magazine and “One of the Top Ten Stylists we love” in New York by Time Out New York. Stacy and her team have moved on to take on the bridal world and have been highly sought after with features on almost every major wedding blog. The softness, elegance, and sense of fashion she brings to her styles are exactly why she was able to turn her small studio into one of the most sought after teams in NYC. 

How do we have such a great salon, with amazing clients, and the best team? Simple, Stacy's work philosophy... Only work with awesome people, always make work fun (even if it means stopping to Google a Cat riding an Alligator) and always challenge your team to be better then you. 



Our most Senior Stylist, Laureen (rhymes with Maureen), has the most unusual background. After pursuing an Engineering Degree at Lafayette College, she began a career in tech and music. Anyone who's met Laureen won't be surprised that she quickly learned life behind a desk wasn't for her. She joined forces with Stacy (fun fact: also her cousin!) in 2006, first as a studio assistant and then a junior stylist before graduating to taking on bridal clients of her own. If you're looking for flawless styling for a party of 14, a calm presence on a hectic day, or someone to reassure your maid of honor that she CAN have a gorgeous 'do, Laureen is your lady! Her engineering background gives her a unique insight into creating styles that look delicate & effortless but ain't goin' NOwhere. She's also a great teacher, so reach out if you're just wanting to finally learn how to create that beachy flat-iron wave you've always wanted!




(a.k.a. LITTLE)

Our favorite little blonde joined the team in 2013 after a colleague spotted her at a salon in New Jersey. Once we met, we knew we had to convince her to make the commute to NYC! The world of StylesOnB has never been the same. Alyssa started out as a lady with crazy blowout skillz and working alongside Stacy for over two years has added more to her bag of tricks. From enviable ombrés to effortless updos to extensions that look like you really did wake up this way. And don't even get us started on her karaoke skills. How does all this talent fit in someone under 5 feet tall? You'll just have to meet her to find out.




Hailing from the great fly-over state of Michigan, Aubrey injects a little Midwestern je ne sais quoi into the mix. She moved to the City to attend NYU and never left (except for that one time in Vegas, but that's another story). After spending several years coordinating practically everything at StylesOnB, and wrangling the whole team, she now adds bridal & event styling. Don't stress, ladies: she is here to answer all your big-day-hair-styling questions! Yes, even that one you think sounds silly! Contact Aubrey to inquire about availability, packages, trials, booking, logistics, or the joys of a good ombré. 



 STYLESONB OFFICE | salon MANAGER                  (a.k.a. SOB DRAGON SLAYER)

Keeping the team Jersey-strong (sorry, Aubrey), a jack-of-all-trades, is Katie, our StylesOnB cruise director. She will hook you up with an appointment, swap hilarious anecdotes, and maybe even offer you a glass of wine or whiskey if you play your cards right! Katie received a Communications degree from Syracuse University before joining the hair game, but she also has experience in journalism, interior design, and dragon-slaying. She currently uses her OCD powers for good by keeping the studio organized and yelling at us when we leave too many iced coffees on her desk.